Chemisch-physikalische Verfahren

AbC offers the following processes for waste water treatment:

  • Neutralisation, pH control, filtration, sedimentation and flotation using the wwt market place.
  • Absorption of heavy metal ions by "Metsorb". AbC supplies the customer designed solution including all hardware.
  • AbC designs and supplies activated charcoal adsorption plants for removal of dangerous organic pollutants from waste - and groundwater.
Activated Charcoal particel size 2,8 – 8 mm
The activated Charcoal HC 750 is able to absorb organic compounds like phenols, chlororganics, and aromates from waste water and groundwater. AbC is able to supply activated charcoal absorption plants, automaticly controlled. The used activated charcoal can be reworked and recycled.

Examples for application

AbC activated charcoal absorption plants are working e.g. in chemical plants to remove HCH, Hexachlorcyclohexane (Lindan), aromatics and chlororganics from groundwater.

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