Active Coke Fixed Bed Bioreactor (AKFBB)

The Active Coke Fixed Bed Bioreactor (ACFBB) is a highly efficient and economic waste water treatment method for the cleaning of industrial waste water from the Petrochemical-, Textile-, Chemical- and Oilindustries as well as from other origin as e.g.from waste disposal sites.

The ACFBB is a submerged active coke fixed bed bioreactor. In the upper part of the ACFBB an aeration system is installed to aerate the ACFBB effectively.

The good performance of the ACFBB has ist origin in the special properties of the used active coke and the selected special bacteria population.

Also very resistant and normally non degradable organic substances and dyes can be biodegraded.

After adsorption of the organic substances or dyes on the active coke surface the formed biomass is biodegrading the organic pollutants.

Lab-scale bio-reactors

According to current experiences in lab– and Pilot plant scale the active coke has a durability of up to several years of permanent usage. Because of the very good abrasion resistance nearly no abrasion occurs. The special process conditions and the used bacterias avoid surplus sludge formation.

The ACFBB is suitable for biological treatment of industrial wws with pollutants like AOX, phenols, PAH and organic dyes.

The process can be used

  • In a ww side stream treatment step
  • As a final ww treatment in an industrial plant
  • As an additional treatment step to improve the performance of an existing ww treatment plant

The ACFBB has also been tested successfully in the biological treatment of polluted groundwater, to remove HCH (Lindan) from the groundwater.

Ab has experience and relults from lab and pilot plant tests with wws of the following industries:

Chemical industry COD degradation up to 96 %
Textile Industry COD degradation up to 94 %
  AOX degradation up to 84 %
  Colour degradation up to 92 %
Waste disposal leachate COD degradation up to 96 %

The Active - Coke - Fixed - Bed - Bioreactor has the following advantages:

  • Compact and space saving design
  • Safe and flexible operation caused by the active coke fixed bed and the immobilisation of the biomass.
  • Attractice investment costs due to modulare concept with adjustment to the requirements.
  • Low operation and energy costs.
  • Loading interruptions will be possible without loss of biological activity.
  • Very low surplus sludge production.

Examples for application

Application and results with the ACFBB

To solve a customers ww problem, AbC offers at first lab tests . If this tests are successful, AbC offers pilot plant tests on site to demonstrate the special ww treatment process and to get datas for the plant design.

ACFBB pilot plant in operation on site

waste water from a carpet mill,
COD before wwt 1300 mg / l,
COD after wwt < 50 mg / l.
The treated water could be
recycled to the deying unit

Design, construction and start up of ACFBB wwt plants:

AbC designs the ACFBB waste water treatment plants based on the test results with lab- and pilot plant apparatus. Design, basic– and detail engineering is done in co-operation with VAP-ec (engineering) and Puritec, Mr. Michiel Schöller (

In most cases prefabricated units can be used, which will be equipped with the necessary technology for the wwt-operation. The prefabricated units will be transported to the customers plant on site and fitted into the existing infrastructure. Bigger plants will be build on site.


Active-Coke-Fixed-Bed-Bioreactor (ACBB) - basic flow sheet

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