Constructed wetlands ...

are an economic alternative to treat municipal waste waters locally.

Constructed wetlands are an eco-friendly, simple, and natural waste water treatment process with a long lifetime of more than 20 years.

Constructed wetlands are a biological waste water treatment in a reed bed sealed underneath with a plastic lining. Humus and minerals form a filter substrate which absorbs substances contained in the sewage and makes them available for biodegradation by micro-organism.With special minerals in the filter substrate also heavy metal ions can be absorbed. Constructed wetlands must have a preliminary sedimentation to separate the primary sludge in a multicompartment septic tank.

Building the impermeable sealing
of a constructed wetlands
Constructed wetlands after 5 years operation

Effluent analysis of a constructed wetlands

COD 13,9 mg / L, pH 7,9
P 0,16 mg / L NO3 <1,0 mg / L
NO2 0,062 mg / L Leitfkt 600 µS/cm-1

Examples for application

Schema einer Pflanzenkläranlage, horizontale Bauweise

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